Sunday, 23 December 2007

Baby Bella ( Bubbles Cuddles)

Our gorgeous new addition
to the family !!
Bella Bubbles Cuddles,
Name inspired by the Kids :)
She has the sweetest
nature and is soooo adorable..
Even if she kept me awake last night
she is crashed out now in her bed in my studio
while I am sitting here with
super heavy eye lids, and
dreaming of a Coffee Club Latté

Thursday, 20 December 2007

A Crowded Studio

Sheba, my darling smoochie kitty cat
always loves to be right in the middle of
whatever I am doing!!
Yesterday while I was trying to
frame a painting, in my small
studio, she was right in the thick of it all,
smooching and purring and finding any excuse
she could to get a tickle!!!
lol...... Sometimes I think Sheba really
is the Queen !!!
This saturday I am buying a
very cute yellow labrador puppy!
So hopefully sheba wont get her nose out of
joint too much!!
Maybe then I will have two furry
friends fighting for my attention
in my small art studio!!!
When an amimal walks through
the front door of my house,
I am sure they think they are a human,

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My Angel Jasmine

The better half of the day was spent on painting my
daughter Jasmine.
This is a pastel painting on Canson paper,
using pastel pencils as well as an asortment of
Each portrait is a learning experience, and there is always
something that I want to redo, lol.....
Although Jasmine loves this!!!!
What 8 year old girl wouldn't want a painting
of themselves, lol , it is the age of
gazing in the mirror and singing with the
hairbrush!!!! going through mums
makeup and putting on way too much perfume!!!
Admit it!!!! you did it too!!!
lol, well , I did when I was 8 !!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Cloak

This lady was an exercise in proportions and one to
hone in on my drawing skills.
Constantly I am aware of the need to improve
my drawing... So with some willow charcoal
I sketched out this woman.
Then layed in the pastel .
It was a very quick exercise , about an hour,
which was good as it caused me to focus in on
a looser style than I am used to...
lol, one that drives me nuts sometimes, as
I am too much of a perfectionist!!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Engaging Eyes

Pastel leopard
Drawn on black stonehenge paper,
With a combination of pastel pencils.
Derwents, Pitts and CarbOrthello's.
This guy was totally enjoyable.
Originally I started him on colourfix sanded
paper,but found the rough surface
just ate my pastel pencils away,
Which left me continually sharpening them.
I also had the problem of using black for the
spots which, I really hate using black!!
So after much thought, I decided to try
black stonehenge.It really suprised me as the
pastels went down beautifully. The advantage
of using black paper, was that I could utilize
this instead ofusing black pastel,
There is always something to learn ,
which makes painting very

Friday, 16 November 2007

Abandoned Outback

South Australia has many abandoned cottages .
Early settlers soon abandoned their homes after the drought became
unbearable. Many places like this can be seen, almost frozen in time,
making a beautiful landscape for artists .
I love the contrasts of the rusted roof and the blue sky,
the red brickwork and the sandstone walls.

A pastel painting on sanded colourfix paper.
22"x 14"

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It was so enjoyable yesterday, sitting at my art table , totally absorbed in painting this cute little guy. These birds are one of my favourite. Commonly seen around my home, and heard early in the morning with their famous laughing as the sun rises....

I rememeber walking at my parents farm, in the bush , and being amused as the kookaburras joined in unison as they laughed away!!! I always felt that they were laughing at me, for some strange reason, maybe they think us humans are a funny looking creature, meandering through the bush! Now if I could fly!!!!! that would give me a reason to laugh out loud!!!! :)

Watercolour on Aches watercolour paper, painted with Art Spectrum watercolour paints.

Friday, 5 October 2007

"Ginger Jar"

This is something totally different for me!

A watercolour still life :)

My art teacher is a wonderful watercolour artist,

She has had my class attempt to paint a photo of a ginger jar.

So loving a challenge over the school holidays I have finished,

well I think I have, watercolour is such a new medium for me,

however I really enjoyed this :)

Monday, 17 September 2007

Mare and Foal

"Mare and Foal"
Today I was so happy to finish this commission.
Lately my family has had this dreaded flue virus, it has been aweful!!
This painting has been sitting on my easel for the last 4 weeks, just waiting for
me to be better so I could finish...
I love this little foal, so sweet......
Pastels, on canson pastel paper

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Hands Worn with Love

Graphite Sketch on drawing paper.

When I was a small girl I often sat in my Grandmas lounge room while Mum and Gran chatted and giggled about all the things that have been happening. My Gran was a very colourful lady, in expression and manner.Mostly I could not take my eyes off her hands which darted here and there. She was very expressive with her hands, I loved watching them as they danced in the air in tune to the words she spoke. Words filled with love and life, grace and compassion.

Old and wrinkly, gnarly and knobbley, like a well worn wooden door to the front of an old house.Opening to welcome family and friends , shutting to keep out the unwanted strangers. Fingers nimble and crafted, from knitting grandbabies booties,making toffees for the local fete smacking naughty little bottoms and hugging with tender care.Yes I loved my Grans hands.

She was a very gifted lady who played piano and made most of her childrens clothes, milked cows and dug in the vegie garden. Old and wrinkled, gnarly and worn, tender and caring, beautiful hands.My prayer as I sat and looked at her hands, was that one day I too could have hands so gifted and crafted, usefull and kind. Welcoming and assuring as my Grandmas beautiful hands

Gracefully Grey

Graphite sketch on drawing paper

While sketching this lady for my last art assignment, I was taken by the graceful beauty of this aged woman. In a society where beauty is so over rated and plastic surgery is feeding the vanity of many, I cannot help but wonder about the art of true beauty.

I look at this woman and see such kind eyes, pretty with compassion and care. Lines on her face that portray a lifetime of laugher mixed with sadness. She has a sence of serenity and calmness, a gentleness in her age of beauty.Our wonderul God made each and everyone of us in His own special way. We all have a very unique look that no one else shares. How marvelous it is to be unique and special to God....

Monday, 30 July 2007

Portrait Commission

I have just finished this drawing of a portrait commission . I mainly did this with vine charcoal as it has such a soft beautiful texture and is lovely to blend in with the pastel. The pastel I used for highlights and shadows are the pitt pastel pencils. In a variety of greys and a white for hightlights.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Precious Moments

"Art class updates"
My art teacher has this gorgeous black and white photo of herself and her son.
The exercise in my last class was to draw with white pastel pencil on a black canson paper .This is my impression of her photo, it was quite hard to do as I was drawing from a totally different perspective. Looking at shadows and highlights rather than colours and features.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

A dream House, lol......

In My travels out and about I cannot resist taking photos of those really gorgeous sights we see, that are very hard to fabricate without a picture!
This happens to be one of those sights!
This dream house was on the Lions Road, between Kyogle and the QLD border. It has so much "old world charm", hehe.... I am sure it was someones dream house at one time in history! I really love this photo!!!!!

Now this mansion can be seen just a hop skip and jump further up the road! hehe..... If you cannot read the sign on the front it says " Keep Out." As much as a relic this beauty is, I cannot help but wonder what life must have been like when people first lived in this house. I am sure Ma and Pa loved their little abode as it is as cute as a button!

Now these houses do give me inspiration to get out those

A Room With A View !

How many times do you enjoy getting down on the carpet in your bedroom to just ponder? Well if you don't, give it a go!!! maybe it is a girly thing, or an essentric arty thing....Who really cares except for the fact that it is extremely relaxing , recharging those worn out batteries!! especially when Enya is on the Cd player! You would think at times like this creative sparks would fly about causing a rush for the pastels...... Hardly!!!! Well not lately!! brain drain happens at the most inconvenient times ! Maybe I need to just lay on this carpet for a while longer :)
****Sail away , sail away, sail away****

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Gazing out the Window

Charcoal and white pastel, on white drawing paper.
I have been experimenting with different effects of the charcoal and pastel. Creating texture and smoothness from how much pressure I apply to the way I burnish with the pastel pencil. Charcoal is a beautiful medium with a lush deep texture , so lovely for skin tones.
When I first saw the ref picture to this, I loved it and could not wait to draw with my charcoal.

Monday, 25 June 2007

* Michelle, Ruth and Astrid *

Recently I had the pleasure of returning to my old passion of making bridal and evening wear. Making these dresses was a pleasant change from my pastels. I just think they look gorgeous!!! Michelle, Ruth and Astrid!

Monday, 18 June 2007


This is the very cute cat "Bud" who loves sleeping! Which cat doesn't love sleeping ...... A commission, on canson pastel paper, with pitt pastel pencils.

Saturday, 26 May 2007


Trying new methods of portraiture. This one is a pastel on canson paper, which was painted over a charcoal sketch, a base to work from. I actually quite liked this way of painting a portrait!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Snug as a Bug

What fun I am having with the canson paper....
This gorgeous little fella is so cute!!!
Charcoal and white pastel pencil for
the highlights.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My son Elijah

Here is my little cutie.
A pastel portrait on the smooth side of canson paper.
I used only two pastel pencils, white and indian red.
Using the white for the highlights, the grey
colour of the paper for the mid tones,
and the indian red for the two tones of shading.
My daughter , being a girl of course,
has been hounding me for her portrait!
So you can guess who is next on the easel!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Morning Autumn

I imagine she is missing the love of her life, maybe walking down the country track near her home, captivated by the morning sunlight as it starts to shine through the trees. This picture has had me thinking of many scenarios. A pastel on canson paper.I used the smooth side as I find it much better to render on than the other, which is actually the right side.


Artists are peculiar people! Never quite understood by many , unless of course they are an artist too!

It is a frequent desire to ex cape to a world of isolation where you exist with your easel and paint! and a beautiful scene to create....

Ok !!! I can dream if I like, and this painting is one of my dreams, a studio in a field somewhere tranquil and serene. I just need to blink my eyes and I am there in the grass painting. AND yes this is another pastel......

Friday, 27 April 2007

One Moment in Time

With this portrait I have added a hint of watercolour to the flower. I am falling inlove with drawing sepia toned portraits. They really set a different mood from a gorgeous time in history. Fashion, hairstlyes, cars and music. All so beautiful in their own way! Especially those kiss curls!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Studying the Masters.

I have been studying the artist John William Waterhouse , and his techniques in sketching. He always did a pencil sketch before he painted his masterpieces.
Waterhouse was an artist , his work spaned over 5 decades from the 1870's. He captured such beautiful poetic scenes in his paintings which are loved by many all over the world.
Here I have taken one of his study sketches and put my sepia toned pencil to work in the ways of this wonderful "Old Master"
This has been done on a watercolour paper which has a watercolour wash. The pencils I used are prismacolours.

She is Finished!

So glad to have found time today to finish the " Beauty who Sleeps".

Monday, 26 March 2007

Outback Shearers Quarters

Firstly let me say "Happy birthday Ray" as this was painted for him! This is from a picture he took of a shearers quarters out near Tenterfield. It is such beautiful country. This picture was taken late afternoon, the sun setting gives wonderful play of light across the paddock, and the pink and blue colours of the sky reflect upon the roof!
I totally enjoyed painting this picture .
Painted with soft pastels on a black colourfix paper.

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Gradually I have been able to work on my Tiger. Still am deciding what colour to do the back ground, I will finish him and then have a bit more of a play with the colours. I am thinking the darker BG would be better as it pushes him forwards in the picture. So maybe I will go for a combination of greens and blues.
Sleeping Beauty has had a facelift :). She is starting to look peaceful and rested! I have finished her face , and am working on her hands at the moment. Then I will continue down her body till all her skin tones are smooth and the values are right.
The sheets still need more work, then I think she will be done!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

"The Beauty Who Sleeps "

Pauline Adair is a pastel artist who has a WIP ( work in process) at Wet Canvas. I took advantage of this great WIP to follow her steps of this beautiful nude. I started with a sketch using willow charcoal.
Using Art Spectrum blue violet and a light spectrum orange I have blocked in the shadows and light spots!

Here I have worked the warm skin tones with a medium spectrum orange and crimson, also adding colour to her hair.

My efforts for today! The background has been added with a dark flinders blue violet.At this stage I am almost half way there, and really enjoying this WIP. I thank Pauline Adair for the opportunity :)
More updates soon!!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

"Turkish Coffee"

Art class has me captivated with still life again. This time with a very cute Turkish coffee pot. The composition I chose was the half pot with a pattern in the background . I quite like the contrast between the background and the pot.All done with my prismacolour pencils!

Cropping a picture is a great way to play with composition, as the main feature is to the side of the page. With this pot it is interesting as the pot is really the main feature, but the spout, which is so long and lean, takes "centre stage". hehe .HHmmm Turkish coffee would be really yummy right about now!!!

I just had an idea ! a plate of turkish delight ! A still life with the coffee pot, and a plate of turkish delight!! Now we are talking , lol.........

Monday, 5 March 2007


The better half of today was spent on drawing this tiger with my new prismacolour pencils. That's after I spent an hour sharpening all 120 of them, lol..... An electric sharpener is on the shopping list!

This has been so much fun today. Tomorrow I have my art classes so I can continue him there and hopefull finish this guy soon!

P.S I have added spell check to my list of favourites, lol...... Ok Georgie, no more spelling mistakes I promise *v* .....

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back 2 Basics!

Today I stared my new art classes, Yippie!! I am so glad to be going back to the basics to sharpen my drawing skills and establish tonal values to make a flat shape look alive!
We started with a sphere and studied where the light source came from. Then it is a process of hatching ( lines all going in one way) and cross hatching ( lines over these lines in another direction) to build up the tonal values. This is continued untill the sphere has taken on a realistic look. It is all in the tonal values !! being light to dark!
Next we studied an egg, which actually had more than one light source, We used the same process as the sphere , just with a sharper lead, as it gave a lighter appearance, LOL. well mine was supposed to be a lighter look!! as an egg is meant to be :) to achieve a smooth surface . And this is actually fun!! notice there is more than one shadow, which you will see with more than one light source .Looks like my egg has a slight *crack* Hmm ..........

Now with the coloured pencil , the "Apple". Starting with yellow , then red then a darker red to a purple , building up the colours till the apple looks almost delicious!! Adding a little green to the top and purple to the shadows, I think this apple is rendered ok!!! looks pretty *yummy*
Well, I have never been a lover of still life, but after todays art class, I would love to try some more advanced still life!! Thanks to my art teacher!! :)
Stayed tuned for next weeks excitting art lessons update! *** thrilling indeed*** lol..................
I am in the process of a new pastel landscape, so hopefully it will be posted soon!!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Roslyn my cutie niece

Derwent pencils on a rather textured paper. I love the sepia tones and the textured look. This was a gift for my niece on her 18th birthday, framed in hot pink!! just her style, hehehe... she is a hot pink chicky babe :)

Friday, 9 February 2007

Lesson! Put your Pastels away after Painting!!!

I learnt a valuable lesson today :) I was making dinner and thought to myself, hmmmmm Elijah is unusually quite , wonder what he is up to !!!!! Oh ** then he comes waltzing into the kitchen with a cheeky grin and pastel stained fingers!!! AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh......!!!!!!
I ran into my room to discover my rainforest painting has been once again remodeled!!!! Oh well !! it has the Elijah touch.. at least pastel can be removed and fixed... Oh Darn!!! I just had that tree looking how I wanted it too, lol......

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Contented Kitty

Here is that cute contented kitty!!! and I am really happy with how she turned out :) some cute cheeks to * tickle *
These pencils on drafting film are fantastic!! I think there will be more portraits of animals on this support! I actually tried to take pics of my mums dog "Bethy " today, but she kept attacking my cat "Sheba"as she tried to sleep on my bed.... I had been drawing on my bed with the derwent colour pencils, So we had pencils ! cat and dog! flying all over the place!! lol......................... at least they couldn't draw all over my finished work! like some little cuties can (*v*) hehehe...

I have been using my derwent pencils !! They are so lovely and creamy to work with. As you can see she is not finished! still has lots more to go. I have drawn this on drafting film, which is a plastic film with a surface suitable for pencil. You need a different technique than paper to draw with, but thats the enjoyable part!! the challenge :)

This cute Kitty is starting to look alive , so soon I hope to post her finished!! and give her some fluffy cheeks to tickle!

Monday, 5 February 2007

Rainforest, Strangler figs and palm trees!!!

AND AGAIN!!!!! the third Rainforest update!! After Elijah attacked the lower half of the previous rainforest picture with all sorts of pastel colours.... I think I will put this one up high till I have it framed!

I have reworked this painting, adding more darks! cinnabar green deep, burnt umber ,flinders blue violet , grey blue and a tiny touch of black. I don't like using black, but in some cases a touch is great! I just thought it need a little more depth and mysterious rainforest atmosphere... :)

Lat month I went climbing Mt Warning, which is situated on the far north coast of N.S.W, Australia. At the base of the mountain is this most magical rain forest with magestic palms, and interesting strangler fig trees which seem to go on forever into the sky! These beautiful trees remind me of the enchanted woods that Enid Blyton wrote about! There was a tree the children would climb, and they found a magical world at the top of the tree above the clouds!

I once climbed a strangler fig, although it was the inside of the fig I climbed as the original tree the fig attached itself to had died, so there was this amazing hollow fig tree. I couldn't resist climbing... just glad there wasn't a big old snake having a sleep up in those branches :)

So after that interesting bit of waffle here is my painting!!! which I did today , as school is back!!!!! hehehe................... :)

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Watchful Young Tiger!

Yippie!!! I found time to paint this weekend . This is my second wildlife, and not the last :) It was really fun painting him, although I found it challenging, well the log was anyway....

Thursday, 25 January 2007

No time to paint.... sighhhhhhhhhhh

My two kids, Jasmine 7 and Elijah 3 are having a wonderful time these school holidays! Namely causing much work for their poor mum! lol....

What else do you do in school holidays than chase your crazy kids around and clean up their mess.... It is much more enjoyable than painting, and so much less stressful!! cough , cough !!

I am looking forwards to getting my pastels out and painting again!
Next month I start new art classes, focusing on drawing skills , with coloured pencils and graphite. This will be fun!!!! Aaahhhhh , the kids are watching cartoons...... :) I might dissapear into my studio!!!!

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Tribal Woman

What an amazing lady this one is!!! I really love the fashion and hair design! The African culture is an amazing one, so diverse and unique. I really love their free spirit and ability to express themselves in so many ways!
This is a pastel painting , which is in my private collection. She's just such a gorgeous girl!