Sunday, 28 January 2007

Watchful Young Tiger!

Yippie!!! I found time to paint this weekend . This is my second wildlife, and not the last :) It was really fun painting him, although I found it challenging, well the log was anyway....

Thursday, 25 January 2007

No time to paint.... sighhhhhhhhhhh

My two kids, Jasmine 7 and Elijah 3 are having a wonderful time these school holidays! Namely causing much work for their poor mum! lol....

What else do you do in school holidays than chase your crazy kids around and clean up their mess.... It is much more enjoyable than painting, and so much less stressful!! cough , cough !!

I am looking forwards to getting my pastels out and painting again!
Next month I start new art classes, focusing on drawing skills , with coloured pencils and graphite. This will be fun!!!! Aaahhhhh , the kids are watching cartoons...... :) I might dissapear into my studio!!!!

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Tribal Woman

What an amazing lady this one is!!! I really love the fashion and hair design! The African culture is an amazing one, so diverse and unique. I really love their free spirit and ability to express themselves in so many ways!
This is a pastel painting , which is in my private collection. She's just such a gorgeous girl!

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Work In Progress

This lion is finished!! After much thought and painting, I came to the conclusion to crop this guy and just have his face. I found it difficult to continue the realism on his body that I had acheived on his face. Oh well!! it is all about learning and trial and error, lol..... I am not too happy with the finished look, but for my first wildlife portrait I guess you could say I am happy! So yes I am looking through my reference photos for more handsome big cats to paint !

Here is an update to my Lion! I have been working down his maine and blocked in his body with a base colour. Now I can finish off his body with more layers of pastel.

I am currently working on this magestic lion. This is my first for a wildlife
portrait.He is very enjoyable to paint , although I am learning as I go.....
My brain is already thinking of other wildlife pictures to paint! I am anxious to finish this handsome dude!

Monday, 8 January 2007

Pastel Portrait

A portrait of "Jeff" taken from a school photo. The photo I worked from was taken with a flash, so there were black shadows I had to eliminate when I painted this portrait. Photos taken in natural light are much better to work from!

Lady With Pearls;

This lady was a pencil study. I bought myself a set of beautiful derwent drawing pencils. I used the sepia tones to achieve the affect here , which went beautiful with the textured surface of the paper . I look forwards to more portraits with my lovely set of derwent pencils.

Old Rustic Farm House

Down the Highway lies this old weathered farm house. Ever since I saw this house many years ago I have been wanting to paint it.... Those gum trees must have some good stories to tell!!
This painting has been sold.

Bird Of Paradise

A very exotic flower , blooms in spring and has these gorgeous big flowers that look like birds! This is my first pastel flower, and as these colourful plants grow in my front yard, it was really enjoyable to paint...


The original of this painting was painted by a lady called Helen Wessels Henry. She grew up by Norman Rockwell, was friends with Arthur B. Davies, Reginald Marsh, Bruce Crane and the other members of the Ashcan school of art. She went to Paris and was friends with Berthe Morrisot, who was Edgar Degas girlfriend and they all knew each other. It is 18" x 24" It was painted in NY in the late 1940s.

I loved her painting so much I decided to do my own(shown here). The impressionists had a beautiful way of capturing the "moment" of ordinary people and putting it canvas. This beautiful moment really does speak to all who gaze at their artwork!

African School Kids

These little cuties were painted from the following photo. A friend of mine went to Africa on a mission trip and took some fantastic photos. When I saw this one, I knew I just had to paint it. I was not sure whether to paint the girl on the left with her off centre jaw or not, she was obviously not too concerned with having her photo taken, hence her natural take! So because I love the realistic, natural style of this pic, I decided to paint her just as she is. It is a beautiful contrast to the guy at front with the adorable grin on his face, he was really taken by the camera!!!

Painting has been sold


BEN was my first commission. A real delight to paint, with his gorgeous face .. I really enjoy painting children, and capturing their unique "cuteness"