Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Work In Progress

This lion is finished!! After much thought and painting, I came to the conclusion to crop this guy and just have his face. I found it difficult to continue the realism on his body that I had acheived on his face. Oh well!! it is all about learning and trial and error, lol..... I am not too happy with the finished look, but for my first wildlife portrait I guess you could say I am happy! So yes I am looking through my reference photos for more handsome big cats to paint !

Here is an update to my Lion! I have been working down his maine and blocked in his body with a base colour. Now I can finish off his body with more layers of pastel.

I am currently working on this magestic lion. This is my first for a wildlife
portrait.He is very enjoyable to paint , although I am learning as I go.....
My brain is already thinking of other wildlife pictures to paint! I am anxious to finish this handsome dude!