Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back 2 Basics!

Today I stared my new art classes, Yippie!! I am so glad to be going back to the basics to sharpen my drawing skills and establish tonal values to make a flat shape look alive!
We started with a sphere and studied where the light source came from. Then it is a process of hatching ( lines all going in one way) and cross hatching ( lines over these lines in another direction) to build up the tonal values. This is continued untill the sphere has taken on a realistic look. It is all in the tonal values !! being light to dark!
Next we studied an egg, which actually had more than one light source, We used the same process as the sphere , just with a sharper lead, as it gave a lighter appearance, LOL. well mine was supposed to be a lighter look!! as an egg is meant to be :) to achieve a smooth surface . And this is actually fun!! notice there is more than one shadow, which you will see with more than one light source .Looks like my egg has a slight *crack* Hmm ..........

Now with the coloured pencil , the "Apple". Starting with yellow , then red then a darker red to a purple , building up the colours till the apple looks almost delicious!! Adding a little green to the top and purple to the shadows, I think this apple is rendered ok!!! looks pretty *yummy*
Well, I have never been a lover of still life, but after todays art class, I would love to try some more advanced still life!! Thanks to my art teacher!! :)
Stayed tuned for next weeks excitting art lessons update! *** thrilling indeed*** lol..................
I am in the process of a new pastel landscape, so hopefully it will be posted soon!!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Roslyn my cutie niece

Derwent pencils on a rather textured paper. I love the sepia tones and the textured look. This was a gift for my niece on her 18th birthday, framed in hot pink!! just her style, hehehe... she is a hot pink chicky babe :)

Friday, 9 February 2007

Lesson! Put your Pastels away after Painting!!!

I learnt a valuable lesson today :) I was making dinner and thought to myself, hmmmmm Elijah is unusually quite , wonder what he is up to !!!!! Oh ** then he comes waltzing into the kitchen with a cheeky grin and pastel stained fingers!!! AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh......!!!!!!
I ran into my room to discover my rainforest painting has been once again remodeled!!!! Oh well !! it has the Elijah touch.. at least pastel can be removed and fixed... Oh Darn!!! I just had that tree looking how I wanted it too, lol......

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Contented Kitty

Here is that cute contented kitty!!! and I am really happy with how she turned out :) some cute cheeks to * tickle *
These pencils on drafting film are fantastic!! I think there will be more portraits of animals on this support! I actually tried to take pics of my mums dog "Bethy " today, but she kept attacking my cat "Sheba"as she tried to sleep on my bed.... I had been drawing on my bed with the derwent colour pencils, So we had pencils ! cat and dog! flying all over the place!! lol......................... at least they couldn't draw all over my finished work! like some little cuties can (*v*) hehehe...

I have been using my derwent pencils !! They are so lovely and creamy to work with. As you can see she is not finished! still has lots more to go. I have drawn this on drafting film, which is a plastic film with a surface suitable for pencil. You need a different technique than paper to draw with, but thats the enjoyable part!! the challenge :)

This cute Kitty is starting to look alive , so soon I hope to post her finished!! and give her some fluffy cheeks to tickle!

Monday, 5 February 2007

Rainforest, Strangler figs and palm trees!!!

AND AGAIN!!!!! the third Rainforest update!! After Elijah attacked the lower half of the previous rainforest picture with all sorts of pastel colours.... I think I will put this one up high till I have it framed!

I have reworked this painting, adding more darks! cinnabar green deep, burnt umber ,flinders blue violet , grey blue and a tiny touch of black. I don't like using black, but in some cases a touch is great! I just thought it need a little more depth and mysterious rainforest atmosphere... :)

Lat month I went climbing Mt Warning, which is situated on the far north coast of N.S.W, Australia. At the base of the mountain is this most magical rain forest with magestic palms, and interesting strangler fig trees which seem to go on forever into the sky! These beautiful trees remind me of the enchanted woods that Enid Blyton wrote about! There was a tree the children would climb, and they found a magical world at the top of the tree above the clouds!

I once climbed a strangler fig, although it was the inside of the fig I climbed as the original tree the fig attached itself to had died, so there was this amazing hollow fig tree. I couldn't resist climbing... just glad there wasn't a big old snake having a sleep up in those branches :)

So after that interesting bit of waffle here is my painting!!! which I did today , as school is back!!!!! hehehe................... :)