Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back 2 Basics!

Today I stared my new art classes, Yippie!! I am so glad to be going back to the basics to sharpen my drawing skills and establish tonal values to make a flat shape look alive!
We started with a sphere and studied where the light source came from. Then it is a process of hatching ( lines all going in one way) and cross hatching ( lines over these lines in another direction) to build up the tonal values. This is continued untill the sphere has taken on a realistic look. It is all in the tonal values !! being light to dark!
Next we studied an egg, which actually had more than one light source, We used the same process as the sphere , just with a sharper lead, as it gave a lighter appearance, LOL. well mine was supposed to be a lighter look!! as an egg is meant to be :) to achieve a smooth surface . And this is actually fun!! notice there is more than one shadow, which you will see with more than one light source .Looks like my egg has a slight *crack* Hmm ..........

Now with the coloured pencil , the "Apple". Starting with yellow , then red then a darker red to a purple , building up the colours till the apple looks almost delicious!! Adding a little green to the top and purple to the shadows, I think this apple is rendered ok!!! looks pretty *yummy*
Well, I have never been a lover of still life, but after todays art class, I would love to try some more advanced still life!! Thanks to my art teacher!! :)
Stayed tuned for next weeks excitting art lessons update! *** thrilling indeed*** lol..................
I am in the process of a new pastel landscape, so hopefully it will be posted soon!!