Thursday, 8 February 2007

Contented Kitty

Here is that cute contented kitty!!! and I am really happy with how she turned out :) some cute cheeks to * tickle *
These pencils on drafting film are fantastic!! I think there will be more portraits of animals on this support! I actually tried to take pics of my mums dog "Bethy " today, but she kept attacking my cat "Sheba"as she tried to sleep on my bed.... I had been drawing on my bed with the derwent colour pencils, So we had pencils ! cat and dog! flying all over the place!! lol......................... at least they couldn't draw all over my finished work! like some little cuties can (*v*) hehehe...

I have been using my derwent pencils !! They are so lovely and creamy to work with. As you can see she is not finished! still has lots more to go. I have drawn this on drafting film, which is a plastic film with a surface suitable for pencil. You need a different technique than paper to draw with, but thats the enjoyable part!! the challenge :)

This cute Kitty is starting to look alive , so soon I hope to post her finished!! and give her some fluffy cheeks to tickle!