Monday, 5 February 2007

Rainforest, Strangler figs and palm trees!!!

AND AGAIN!!!!! the third Rainforest update!! After Elijah attacked the lower half of the previous rainforest picture with all sorts of pastel colours.... I think I will put this one up high till I have it framed!

I have reworked this painting, adding more darks! cinnabar green deep, burnt umber ,flinders blue violet , grey blue and a tiny touch of black. I don't like using black, but in some cases a touch is great! I just thought it need a little more depth and mysterious rainforest atmosphere... :)

Lat month I went climbing Mt Warning, which is situated on the far north coast of N.S.W, Australia. At the base of the mountain is this most magical rain forest with magestic palms, and interesting strangler fig trees which seem to go on forever into the sky! These beautiful trees remind me of the enchanted woods that Enid Blyton wrote about! There was a tree the children would climb, and they found a magical world at the top of the tree above the clouds!

I once climbed a strangler fig, although it was the inside of the fig I climbed as the original tree the fig attached itself to had died, so there was this amazing hollow fig tree. I couldn't resist climbing... just glad there wasn't a big old snake having a sleep up in those branches :)

So after that interesting bit of waffle here is my painting!!! which I did today , as school is back!!!!! hehehe................... :)