Thursday, 29 March 2007

Studying the Masters.

I have been studying the artist John William Waterhouse , and his techniques in sketching. He always did a pencil sketch before he painted his masterpieces.
Waterhouse was an artist , his work spaned over 5 decades from the 1870's. He captured such beautiful poetic scenes in his paintings which are loved by many all over the world.
Here I have taken one of his study sketches and put my sepia toned pencil to work in the ways of this wonderful "Old Master"
This has been done on a watercolour paper which has a watercolour wash. The pencils I used are prismacolours.

She is Finished!

So glad to have found time today to finish the " Beauty who Sleeps".

Monday, 26 March 2007

Outback Shearers Quarters

Firstly let me say "Happy birthday Ray" as this was painted for him! This is from a picture he took of a shearers quarters out near Tenterfield. It is such beautiful country. This picture was taken late afternoon, the sun setting gives wonderful play of light across the paddock, and the pink and blue colours of the sky reflect upon the roof!
I totally enjoyed painting this picture .
Painted with soft pastels on a black colourfix paper.

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Gradually I have been able to work on my Tiger. Still am deciding what colour to do the back ground, I will finish him and then have a bit more of a play with the colours. I am thinking the darker BG would be better as it pushes him forwards in the picture. So maybe I will go for a combination of greens and blues.
Sleeping Beauty has had a facelift :). She is starting to look peaceful and rested! I have finished her face , and am working on her hands at the moment. Then I will continue down her body till all her skin tones are smooth and the values are right.
The sheets still need more work, then I think she will be done!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

"The Beauty Who Sleeps "

Pauline Adair is a pastel artist who has a WIP ( work in process) at Wet Canvas. I took advantage of this great WIP to follow her steps of this beautiful nude. I started with a sketch using willow charcoal.
Using Art Spectrum blue violet and a light spectrum orange I have blocked in the shadows and light spots!

Here I have worked the warm skin tones with a medium spectrum orange and crimson, also adding colour to her hair.

My efforts for today! The background has been added with a dark flinders blue violet.At this stage I am almost half way there, and really enjoying this WIP. I thank Pauline Adair for the opportunity :)
More updates soon!!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

"Turkish Coffee"

Art class has me captivated with still life again. This time with a very cute Turkish coffee pot. The composition I chose was the half pot with a pattern in the background . I quite like the contrast between the background and the pot.All done with my prismacolour pencils!

Cropping a picture is a great way to play with composition, as the main feature is to the side of the page. With this pot it is interesting as the pot is really the main feature, but the spout, which is so long and lean, takes "centre stage". hehe .HHmmm Turkish coffee would be really yummy right about now!!!

I just had an idea ! a plate of turkish delight ! A still life with the coffee pot, and a plate of turkish delight!! Now we are talking , lol.........

Monday, 5 March 2007


The better half of today was spent on drawing this tiger with my new prismacolour pencils. That's after I spent an hour sharpening all 120 of them, lol..... An electric sharpener is on the shopping list!

This has been so much fun today. Tomorrow I have my art classes so I can continue him there and hopefull finish this guy soon!

P.S I have added spell check to my list of favourites, lol...... Ok Georgie, no more spelling mistakes I promise *v* .....