Monday, 30 July 2007

Portrait Commission

I have just finished this drawing of a portrait commission . I mainly did this with vine charcoal as it has such a soft beautiful texture and is lovely to blend in with the pastel. The pastel I used for highlights and shadows are the pitt pastel pencils. In a variety of greys and a white for hightlights.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Precious Moments

"Art class updates"
My art teacher has this gorgeous black and white photo of herself and her son.
The exercise in my last class was to draw with white pastel pencil on a black canson paper .This is my impression of her photo, it was quite hard to do as I was drawing from a totally different perspective. Looking at shadows and highlights rather than colours and features.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

A dream House, lol......

In My travels out and about I cannot resist taking photos of those really gorgeous sights we see, that are very hard to fabricate without a picture!
This happens to be one of those sights!
This dream house was on the Lions Road, between Kyogle and the QLD border. It has so much "old world charm", hehe.... I am sure it was someones dream house at one time in history! I really love this photo!!!!!

Now this mansion can be seen just a hop skip and jump further up the road! hehe..... If you cannot read the sign on the front it says " Keep Out." As much as a relic this beauty is, I cannot help but wonder what life must have been like when people first lived in this house. I am sure Ma and Pa loved their little abode as it is as cute as a button!

Now these houses do give me inspiration to get out those

A Room With A View !

How many times do you enjoy getting down on the carpet in your bedroom to just ponder? Well if you don't, give it a go!!! maybe it is a girly thing, or an essentric arty thing....Who really cares except for the fact that it is extremely relaxing , recharging those worn out batteries!! especially when Enya is on the Cd player! You would think at times like this creative sparks would fly about causing a rush for the pastels...... Hardly!!!! Well not lately!! brain drain happens at the most inconvenient times ! Maybe I need to just lay on this carpet for a while longer :)
****Sail away , sail away, sail away****