Sunday, 8 July 2007

A dream House, lol......

In My travels out and about I cannot resist taking photos of those really gorgeous sights we see, that are very hard to fabricate without a picture!
This happens to be one of those sights!
This dream house was on the Lions Road, between Kyogle and the QLD border. It has so much "old world charm", hehe.... I am sure it was someones dream house at one time in history! I really love this photo!!!!!

Now this mansion can be seen just a hop skip and jump further up the road! hehe..... If you cannot read the sign on the front it says " Keep Out." As much as a relic this beauty is, I cannot help but wonder what life must have been like when people first lived in this house. I am sure Ma and Pa loved their little abode as it is as cute as a button!

Now these houses do give me inspiration to get out those