Sunday, 23 December 2007

Baby Bella ( Bubbles Cuddles)

Our gorgeous new addition
to the family !!
Bella Bubbles Cuddles,
Name inspired by the Kids :)
She has the sweetest
nature and is soooo adorable..
Even if she kept me awake last night
she is crashed out now in her bed in my studio
while I am sitting here with
super heavy eye lids, and
dreaming of a Coffee Club Latté

Thursday, 20 December 2007

A Crowded Studio

Sheba, my darling smoochie kitty cat
always loves to be right in the middle of
whatever I am doing!!
Yesterday while I was trying to
frame a painting, in my small
studio, she was right in the thick of it all,
smooching and purring and finding any excuse
she could to get a tickle!!!
lol...... Sometimes I think Sheba really
is the Queen !!!
This saturday I am buying a
very cute yellow labrador puppy!
So hopefully sheba wont get her nose out of
joint too much!!
Maybe then I will have two furry
friends fighting for my attention
in my small art studio!!!
When an amimal walks through
the front door of my house,
I am sure they think they are a human,

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My Angel Jasmine

The better half of the day was spent on painting my
daughter Jasmine.
This is a pastel painting on Canson paper,
using pastel pencils as well as an asortment of
Each portrait is a learning experience, and there is always
something that I want to redo, lol.....
Although Jasmine loves this!!!!
What 8 year old girl wouldn't want a painting
of themselves, lol , it is the age of
gazing in the mirror and singing with the
hairbrush!!!! going through mums
makeup and putting on way too much perfume!!!
Admit it!!!! you did it too!!!
lol, well , I did when I was 8 !!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The Cloak

This lady was an exercise in proportions and one to
hone in on my drawing skills.
Constantly I am aware of the need to improve
my drawing... So with some willow charcoal
I sketched out this woman.
Then layed in the pastel .
It was a very quick exercise , about an hour,
which was good as it caused me to focus in on
a looser style than I am used to...
lol, one that drives me nuts sometimes, as
I am too much of a perfectionist!!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Engaging Eyes

Pastel leopard
Drawn on black stonehenge paper,
With a combination of pastel pencils.
Derwents, Pitts and CarbOrthello's.
This guy was totally enjoyable.
Originally I started him on colourfix sanded
paper,but found the rough surface
just ate my pastel pencils away,
Which left me continually sharpening them.
I also had the problem of using black for the
spots which, I really hate using black!!
So after much thought, I decided to try
black stonehenge.It really suprised me as the
pastels went down beautifully. The advantage
of using black paper, was that I could utilize
this instead ofusing black pastel,
There is always something to learn ,
which makes painting very