Sunday, 28 December 2008

Quick Portrait Sketch

Lately my enjoyment has been portraits. I find so much
satisfaction in the challenge of capturing a persons emotion
in a portrait.
This is a quick 30 min sketch with the intention of capturing
an emotion with life drawing. Although this was drawn from a photo,
it is so hard to find willing models :)
At least it gives me drawing practise for when I do .

Monday, 15 December 2008

Grisaille Portrait

Grisaille (pronounced griz eye) is a painting term which means "grey tones".
This is a monotone painting in a tone value ranging from dark to light.
In this case I am using it as a underpainting to use as a foundation
for many transparent colour overlays "glazing".
This has been painted in Matisse acrylics,with a wonderful medium added
called "clear painting medium"
It enabled me to blend the paint without it drying too fast, which
gave the ability to do lovely skin tones.
And who is the handsome man???

Thursday, 20 November 2008


At Wetcanvas we have been working on a portrait swap,
pairing off to paint each others portrait.
My partner was Jaana.
Here she is finished .
Pastels painted on a deep bottle green suede matte board.
She has the most beautiful blue eyes,
which I enjoyed painting.
Now all I need to do is to post this off to Jaana!!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008


Often when our routine has changed,
we find that time is difficult to capture and make our own.
"Selah" is a word which means " Meditate"
" Think on these things"
To have the ability to stop and rest.
Take time to hear the still small voice of God
" Selah"
Pastel and charcoal sketch.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Pelicans by the Sea

Like an old married couple,
Painted in watercolour ,
after a dry spell...
I need to get back into my painting again...

Friday, 22 August 2008

Sunday Lunch "Alfresco"

I would love to be sitting here at the moment drinking a chai latte,
and relaxing in the sun.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Rustic "Outback" Relic.

My dad is in the North Coast Vintage Car Club,
This was painted as the raffle prize for their last car rally.
A gorgeous old jallopie, filled with rust from
sitting in the outback .

Pastel on burnt umber colourfix pastel paper.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Miniture tea Pot

A miniture painting of a miniture tea pot :)
4 1/2 inches x 3 inches.
Acrylic on rough watercolour paper.
I painted this today in the comfort of my cosy warm room,
with thanks to my hearter :)
Today has been the coldest day I can ever remember.
It was so cold.....
It even snowed in Sydney !!!
and I can never remember snow in Sydney.
So today I had many cups of hot tea!!! :)

Sunday, 20 July 2008


My daughter Jasmine,
This is the first attempt as acrylics.
while I found this extremely challenging,
I really enjoyed learning this medium.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

~Floral Fusion~

A water colour , still experimenting with methods
of washes and learning the effects...
I was patient with my leaves till I became impatient :P
I think to paint a really good water colour
you need really relaxing music on, and have the kids
no where to be seen....
Stressed out mums and watercolour
just don't mix...

~~ Self Portrait ~~

I have this photo of myself on the computer,

in the garden , gazing I guess in a dream ,

like a typical woman :P

Anyway, here I have painted it, not finished as

I am thinking on a background...

But the most fun part was trying this new bottle green

velour matte board to paint on...

I love it, but at $ 80 a sheet !!!! cannot afford to make


The pastels went down beautifully,

and I had heaps of fun... Just need to become

creative and work on a back ground...

And some more depth in my face, it is washed out here...

Monday, 31 March 2008

Falling Inlove with Watercolour :)

The weekend was spent working through a tutorial DVD

by Susan Harrison-Tustain

Who is an extremely talented watercolourist

from New Zealand...

This beautiful lady is her daughter Shelly.

I totally enjoyed this tutorial so much..

As you see I have her hair and dress to go,

It is a pleasure being a hermit ..

in a art studio sometimes..





I admit it


I am addicted to




here is my finished attempt,

I have a long way to go in learning, but the process was totally

enjoyable, it is amazing how time just dissapears when you

are engrosed with painting...


Thursday, 13 March 2008

One Cute Pooch...

This little cutie is in the process

of being finished...

He is a pastel painting and is quiet large

being about 22x20 inches...

hehe... It is fun doing such a big puppy...

I have mainly used pastel pencils,

as well as a few soft pastels...

I keep thinking a big sloppy tongue will

pop out and lick my cheek as I lean

over to paint more,,, :P


"Ralf "
is all finished


Commission Portrait

A Charcoal and pastel portrait
Using a brown cardbord paper I
discovered at the art shop.
I adore working with this support as it
gives wonderful tones
to faces... I use the paper as
the mid tone.

Friday, 7 March 2008


Pastel ,charcoal portrait of Molly
she is an adorable little girl
with a gorgeous smile...
I have actually toned down the catchlight
in her right eye...
I think it was a but overpowering...
This was drawn on a brown cardboard.
And the paper was used as the mid tones...

Windows Of Venice

Watercolour painting
"Windows of Venice"
The is painted from a picture my brother
took while on holiday in Venice.
I love these quaint buildings..
The clothes line out the window..
The planter boxes...
So different from my village...:)