Monday, 31 March 2008

Falling Inlove with Watercolour :)

The weekend was spent working through a tutorial DVD

by Susan Harrison-Tustain

Who is an extremely talented watercolourist

from New Zealand...

This beautiful lady is her daughter Shelly.

I totally enjoyed this tutorial so much..

As you see I have her hair and dress to go,

It is a pleasure being a hermit ..

in a art studio sometimes..





I admit it


I am addicted to




here is my finished attempt,

I have a long way to go in learning, but the process was totally

enjoyable, it is amazing how time just dissapears when you

are engrosed with painting...


Thursday, 13 March 2008

One Cute Pooch...

This little cutie is in the process

of being finished...

He is a pastel painting and is quiet large

being about 22x20 inches...

hehe... It is fun doing such a big puppy...

I have mainly used pastel pencils,

as well as a few soft pastels...

I keep thinking a big sloppy tongue will

pop out and lick my cheek as I lean

over to paint more,,, :P


"Ralf "
is all finished


Commission Portrait

A Charcoal and pastel portrait
Using a brown cardbord paper I
discovered at the art shop.
I adore working with this support as it
gives wonderful tones
to faces... I use the paper as
the mid tone.

Friday, 7 March 2008


Pastel ,charcoal portrait of Molly
she is an adorable little girl
with a gorgeous smile...
I have actually toned down the catchlight
in her right eye...
I think it was a but overpowering...
This was drawn on a brown cardboard.
And the paper was used as the mid tones...

Windows Of Venice

Watercolour painting
"Windows of Venice"
The is painted from a picture my brother
took while on holiday in Venice.
I love these quaint buildings..
The clothes line out the window..
The planter boxes...
So different from my village...:)