Sunday, 1 June 2008

~Floral Fusion~

A water colour , still experimenting with methods
of washes and learning the effects...
I was patient with my leaves till I became impatient :P
I think to paint a really good water colour
you need really relaxing music on, and have the kids
no where to be seen....
Stressed out mums and watercolour
just don't mix...

~~ Self Portrait ~~

I have this photo of myself on the computer,

in the garden , gazing I guess in a dream ,

like a typical woman :P

Anyway, here I have painted it, not finished as

I am thinking on a background...

But the most fun part was trying this new bottle green

velour matte board to paint on...

I love it, but at $ 80 a sheet !!!! cannot afford to make


The pastels went down beautifully,

and I had heaps of fun... Just need to become

creative and work on a back ground...

And some more depth in my face, it is washed out here...