Sunday, 3 May 2009

The house is a mess, but this is the result ,lol....

After pepairing my board with gesso, I toned it with a wash of terre verte and turpenoid. I have my reference picture and then proceed to draw the portrait, brush in hand with thinned down Terre Verte.
I am really stretching myself here, wanting to become much more loose with my style and not so boring with my portraits.

I really love the loose impressionistic style, with a touch of realism. Something I think you can only achieve with excellent drawing skills.
The under painting gives me a solid start to work on.

So yes, I did spend the entire afternoon painting and enjoying myself.

She still needs some eye work, as the terre verte under-drawing is showing,
and I am sure the shadows in her face need to be darkened.
Best thing to do is let this lady dry and sit for a few days...

While I do this housework