Sunday, 17 May 2009

Portraits from life - A wonderful Experience!

Last Friday I visited the local retirement village to spend time with some of the residence. I took my pastel pencils, canson drawing paper, and had a really lovely time .

This lady to our left is Melva. She was so happy to have her portrait drawn, she even slipped away before hand to put some lippy on :)

Using a soft grey Canson paper, indian red pastel pencil for the darks and a white for highlights.

Joycie was all comfy near the warmth of the window reading her book, her face moving from left to right with each page she read.

I chatted with her about the story she was reading and about her life as I sat and drew her portrait.


Mary is such a sweet lady with warm eyes and a big smile. As I started to draw her she told me she was very tired and might not be able to stay away. "That's fine" I told her as I had a smile to myself at how gorgeous these ladies are.
I love this drawing of Mary, it captures so much character , a beautiful lady...

I look forwards to my Friday afternoons with the residence from the Nursing home. They tell me there are 50 all together and they all want a portrait done :) So I am in for a lots of drawing practise and some great conversation with people who we should spend time with a whole lot more!!!