Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Crazy Old rusty Relics, LOL...

My dad is a member of the Vintage car Club, being an old relic car owner himself ( the car is the old relic, not dad, lol ) Each year the club has a rally where dad volunteers my time to paint a picture to raffle. It is a great idea as all the proceeds go to a nominated charity.

This is the painting , beautiful old jallopies under the gum trees, resting so peacefully .

This is my son Elijah in dads 1948 Bedford, which he took 2 years restoring. Now he has a 1928 Buick, in desperate need of some TLC, which dad lovingly gives each day in the shed. I am looking forwards to going for a drive in the Buick :) ...

In The garden

Jasmine my daughter took this gorgeous photo of the sugar snap peas growing in the back yard. They are climbing up the back fence and loaded with yummy peas.
I think she took a great pic, with the warm winter sunshine and blue cloudy sky.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Meet Finn, a cute Aussie kid with the most gorgeous curly red hair...
This is a commissioned portrait painted in pastels. It was really enjoyable getting the pastels out again to do this portrait.
Next I have his brother to do, another cute Aussie kid :)