Sunday, 31 January 2010

Some excitting news !!!

I am really excitted that finally there is a local portrait prize . Lismore Regional Gallery is hosting the Northern Rivers portrait prize. All entries are due by late Feb, and I have just put paint to canvas so I am really on a mission to finish my portrait and enter!!!

My entrant is a guy I have known for about 20 years, John Gift!! He is an inspirational singer songwritter with a powerful message of hope. More about this later as I need to upload some pics and head out to my easel this Sunday arvo and paint!

First stages ,
Toning my canvas with burnt umber,
transfering my sketch , and blocking in the face with Burnt Umber and Prussian blue.

Some portrait artists have everything all mapped out, at this stage I am getting a feel for colours and deciding which way I will take this, more spontanious.
Getting a feel for Johns personality and trying to portray this which is great as I saw him perform thismorning. Excellent !!

" The Enjoyable Afternoon " a decent

amount of time spent painting, and I have managed to paint as planned, spontaniously and capturing the personality of John.

Since I have known him , he has been a man with a passion for reality and truth.He has survived a very traumatic past involving drugs and alcohol with a beautiful attitude of love and acceptance. . His music on his latest CD was recorded live at the

Windsome Hotel in Lismore in honour of the
many people who struggle to make ends meet,
"The Soupies" who are regular dinners at the soup kitchen. It is an excellent CD .

This is my process, Johns face is only blocked in with burnt umber and will really pop out when I start to add colour. Right now it is blendind in with the back ground too much.
He is holding his guitar, with both hands, which gives a very strong bond, with himself and the music he loves to play.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Travailing Prayer

This is Stevie, a friend of mine from Scotland who is a pastor.

He likes to take walks to this special place to pray. I loved what this picture
stood for and had to paint !

It is a reminder to me that I need to spend more time in prayer. Life has a way of capturing us and we stray from the most important aspects of daily living. Through God alone we find peace and a reason for living. I need to remember this more each day and take that time to spend in prayer.

Painted in oils.