Sunday, 28 March 2010

Playing with my Pastels

Today I spent time organising some quick 30 min pastel sketches for an art tutorial I have been asked to do. I want to make it as fun as I can with as much variety as we can accomplish during the day.
Here is my first, a Veniatian street scene with of course, some water added :)
Pastesl are a great versatile medium, and the vibrant colours sing harmoniuosly together.
What really makes this picture resignate is the mixture of complimentary colours ( blue / orange, red / Green) along side the warm and cool colours.
The pastel was gently dragged over the paper, which is an aubergine coloured sanded paper. This effect allows for the warm aubergine colour to show through, creating wonderful effects .

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Finding Peace When Things are Tough.

Yesterday I discovered my painting was not selected in the portrait prize, they had 130 entries and only 53 were chosen. That is dissapointing but not depressing :) I am not worried about not being chosen ,dissapointing is easily resolved with a good attitude which says "next year we try again" but sometimes dissapointment can be difficult to overcome when you are already depressed and feeling crushed with circumstances in life...
Finding inner peace is a gift from a loving God who has all the peace we ever need. Circumstances in life have stopped me from finding this peace and I have been so busy with living , this has been a downward spiral to deep depression.
Life is incredibly too precious to let depression overcome you, at times it is very difficult, and even engulfing.
As my beautiful grandma used to say "Even this will pass"
I have no idea what the future holds
But God does.
The answer to finding this peace is precious
Taking walks in the bush and sitting amongst the trees to hear the beautiful music of nature and animals.
Walking along the sands of the beach and feeling the tide wash over and tickle your toes.
Laying on the grass on a day with ultramarine skies and white fluffy clouds, looking into the depth of the atmosphere which one can only try to imagine goes on forever and ever.
Sitting at my easle, the one I love so much as it holds another canvas . I cannot explain the feeling you experience when all the world is null and void and all you are aware of is the beautiful array of colours on a palette, waiting to be formed and shaped into the picture I see with my own eyes.
Today for the first time in months I sat at my piano, my poor darling piano that at one time had her keys lovingly caressed. Once again I sat and let my self dissapear in the music I love so much, the melody of healing and peace.
Stop, and listen, meditate on the good in life,
and all that God our Father has in store for those of us who love Him.