Sunday, 11 July 2010

My brother Ray

It is a common saying here living by the ocean
" Only a surfer knows the feeling"
I agree that is true, having had some time on a board,
I would say
" Only a painter knows the Feeling"!!
I had a wonderful time back in the painting flow!!!
Spent today at my most fav place, lol...
The art Table!!!!
Last week I started on my brother Ray
Using burnt umber and prussian blue
to block in the tonal values.
This is where I finished today,all in one sitting
of about 2 hours,
Will see when the paint dries as to
what else I add.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Essentially Art,

Life takes a hold of us in strange and weird ways at times, when we least expect it too...
We lay our passions down as we make way for happenings that cannot be avoided.
This year has been one of doing just that,
What I have learned most this last year?
A life time of broken pieces cannot stay laying on the bedroom floor....
Sooner or later when I am ready, and not before,......
A loving God comes and tenderly, ever so gently, takes each piece.
He so very carefully, masterfully, takes His healing ointment ,
A balm of forgiveness, bathes and refreshes.
Till all the fragments of my past are understood, and validated...
Now I see,
with fresh washed eyes,
A glorious light that shines
through this many faceted stained glass window of my heart...
With the most beautiful colours from heaven......
Lord lead me to paint, as I have been so barren,
without creativity or passion....
A new season has begun!!!!


Charcoal portrait

Wearing an Elvis wig and having fun.
Charcoal portrait on Watercolour paper.