Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Gentle and soft....

Playing with my watercolours again, 
I decided to finish work early yesterday and paint, 
Combining my sewing studio into an afternoon painting studio.
This way, I can finish work early each day and spent an hour or so 
Painting daily, what a beautiful way to end the day.
This lady was started yesterday, and will be eagerly met later today
For some more washes.

Finished portrait

Monday, 9 June 2014

"Eyes of Blue" watercolour

A new start to my journey with painting has me playing with my watercolours again. This time I am working on a portrait of a beautiful girl known as Kalinda. She has these amazing blue eyes just beckoning someone to paint them.
Here is my progress

I did a light pencil sketch and am concentrating on the detail in her eyes. Working into the wet paper and building the colour as it dries.

The photo I am using as a reference was taken with a flash, which gives the picture that blown out flat look. I really am not too keen on painting from flash photos, but these eyes drew me in. 
I am building up the values ever so slightly and looking over the whole painting to keep the harmony.

The finished painting. I bought myself a white gel pen, to highlight the whites. I have never used one before and found it great, especially on her eyes. 
Painted on 300gm hot pressed paper 
Using Windsor Newton pan paints and Art spectrum tube paints.