Thursday, 7 August 2014

The stages of a portrait

Painting in watercolour is a challenge compared to oil or pastel. With watercolour you work from light to dark, trying to keep those whites as it is almost impossible to bring them back after they have been painted over...grrrrr, lol....
This is Sally,  a friend of mine who was married earlier this year. Here she is,a gorgeous vintage loving girl looking really beautiful on her wedding day.
My portraits start off very light with glazes of colour with transparent colours. I gradually build up these colours after each layer is totally dry. A beautiful method that gives such a glow to your painting.

Sally is still unfinished. There is so much to learn with these watercolours
And I am  on a mission to conquer the difficulties along the way... Many mistakes 
Are the only way to learn.. I think self taught artists are unique in that they develop 
A technique that sort of evolves from all the mistakes, lol.... 
Not to mention the wonderful therapy from just sitting and painting :)