Friday, 25 December 2015

Painting Cows

There are some great pictures of cows online,. I was bored the other day
So decided to paint some cows... My mum loves cows and would love a painting of an Australian
Bush scene with cows and gum trees.....
Over the years I have taken my camera out driving in the bush with hopes of finding 
A great picture to paint, in the mean time I will practise my cows.... And gum trees :) 

Portrait swap with Wetcanvas

Every year Wetcanvas hosts a portrait swap in the portrait forums. 
Each year I enjoy being appart of this, not knowing who my partner will be.
This year it was the talented artist Bethany who paints  beautiful portraits in oil.

 Bethany's portrait of me 
Here is the first watercolour portrait of Bethany, then following the second. 
I painted these with my love of glazing colour over colour. Hoping to achieve
A glow with the skin tones. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

My two Darlings Elijah and Jassy

About four years ago I took took a few photos of my kids playing 
dressups from clothes in my wardrobe.
They are a fun loving crazy pair who enjoy each other's 
company and a good laugh. 
My favourite people to paint are my kids, they totally captivate me.

 The paper I am using is Arches medium which I stretched onto gator board.
Stretching the paper gives me a beautiful surface to paint onto as 
I usually glaze many layers of transparent watercolour for my skin tones. 
The stretched paper does not bubble or sag when wet, .
So it's perfect :) 

It is really important to have a good pencil sketch to paint from. 
The accuracy in your drawing is crucial to your accuracy 
In your painting. If your drawing is off, your painting will be too.
I spend a lot of time making sure my drawing is as accurate as I can have it. 

This is my finished painting.
I have painted in many layers (glazes) of watercolour to 
Build the tones and depth of colour I want. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Mothers Love

Challenging and fun are my thoughts on painting commissions, especially
When you are not familiar with the people you are painting.
I was recently asked to paint this portrait of a mother and daughter.
The composition is great but the proportions are a little distorted as I 
am assuming it was taken with a smart phone.
The client really wanted to give this portrait as a surprise, 
So, how could I not paint this portrait that shows such motherly 
Love and adoration. 
Painted on cold pressed Arches with Winsor & Newton 
Watercolour paints. 
If you are interested in my process I have a tutorial here;

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015

Vintage Ladies

There is something very inspiring and beautiful, charming and delightful about looking at old vintage portraits, especially from the 1920's  30's. 

I decided to paint these ladies on a new handmade watercolour paper I found on my latest visit to 
The art store. It also has the most beautiful deckled edge. 

I chose an earthy palette, wanting to add to the character of then era.
The colours used are,
Burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and a little alizarin crimson.

It was a miserable rainy day today, perfect for painting :) 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Softly, Gently

Watercolour Portrait.
The more I paint with watercolour the more in love with this gorgeous medium I become.
This portrait was painted with a plan to try and achieve soft delicate transitions in her 
skin tones. 
Painted on Arches cold pressed 300 Gm paper with my favourite palette of  Winsor & Newton 
Watercolour paints. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sleeping "Red" Beauty

There is something in most females that love the dreamy romantic girly side of things,
This painting captures all these emotions .
This is the first painting in my series of lady portraits which is exactly that,
The dreamy romantic side of being female.

Watercolour on Arches cold pressed.

Thank you to Deviant Art stock images for the reference photo.

Monday, 27 April 2015

My little Man Elijah.

I adore painting my family. The challenge with painting some one you know so well
Is gaining the likeness. 
This is my son when he was about three, and such a fun portrait to paint.
Painted in watercolours on Arches cold pressed paper.
I have tried a few different papers, but always prefer Arches. 
Such a gorgeous paper to paint on. 

Another painting of my son Elijah
I really enjoy playing with watercolours to discover different painting techniques.
Learning is never ending as there is so many ways to paint. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

My Brother Ray

A few years ago I painted the same portrait of my brother in oils.
I am finding watercolour a beautiful medium, which is challenging 
while learning .
Practising on paper, with the flow of water and pigment and laying
In washes with an even flow is something I have been doing to
help with the skin tones in faces. I think finally I am starting to
Understand this lovely medium.