Monday, 21 September 2015

My two Darlings Elijah and Jassy

About four years ago I took took a few photos of my kids playing 
dressups from clothes in my wardrobe.
They are a fun loving crazy pair who enjoy each other's 
company and a good laugh. 
My favourite people to paint are my kids, they totally captivate me.

 The paper I am using is Arches medium which I stretched onto gator board.
Stretching the paper gives me a beautiful surface to paint onto as 
I usually glaze many layers of transparent watercolour for my skin tones. 
The stretched paper does not bubble or sag when wet, .
So it's perfect :) 

It is really important to have a good pencil sketch to paint from. 
The accuracy in your drawing is crucial to your accuracy 
In your painting. If your drawing is off, your painting will be too.
I spend a lot of time making sure my drawing is as accurate as I can have it. 

This is my finished painting.
I have painted in many layers (glazes) of watercolour to 
Build the tones and depth of colour I want.