Friday, 25 December 2015

Painting Cows

There are some great pictures of cows online,. I was bored the other day
So decided to paint some cows... My mum loves cows and would love a painting of an Australian
Bush scene with cows and gum trees.....
Over the years I have taken my camera out driving in the bush with hopes of finding 
A great picture to paint, in the mean time I will practise my cows.... And gum trees :) 

Portrait swap with Wetcanvas

Every year Wetcanvas hosts a portrait swap in the portrait forums. 
Each year I enjoy being appart of this, not knowing who my partner will be.
This year it was the talented artist Bethany who paints  beautiful portraits in oil.

 Bethany's portrait of me 
Here is the first watercolour portrait of Bethany, then following the second. 
I painted these with my love of glazing colour over colour. Hoping to achieve
A glow with the skin tones.