Thursday, 7 July 2016

Painting beards in watercolour

 This portrait was painted because I wanted to challenge myself with painting a beard. This is Scott, the brother of a friend of mine, and painted from a photo taken just before his sisters wedding. 
I started with a pencil drawing, making sure the drawing is as accurate as possible.. I find the more  accurate you are from the start, the better your accuracy will be in the final painting. 

 My first step is to lay a wash'

Of Winsor yellow over the face
where the highlights are. I also have used New Gamboge for the more intense yellow. I love watching the face come to life, even with just the addition of the yellow. Layering colour over the face using transparent colours  

gives a beautiful illuminous skin 
tone, which is so much fun to 
I am sorry I don't have more photos of my process, I became so focused on my painting that I forgot 😬😬😬
My process is simply building layer  upon layer of colour until I 
reach the desired skin tones. I usually use a limited palette of 
 and Newton watercolours. 
Winsor Yellow, Winsor Blue ( green shade) and Permanent Rose. 
Layering these colours over each other can give you gorgeous skin 
tones. I always wait till each layer is dry before layering a new 
colour, otherwise the colours can become muddy. 
The hair is painted also by layering colour, the colours I used areFrench ultra and  Permanent Rose. The beard was also painted by layering the skin tone colours, adding the French ultra for the darks. 

Here is my finished painting, which is very Ned Kelly looking 😎